Trees Toppers Nature Plan On Earth Day Investing in Our Futures

On Earth Day Investing in Our Futures

With Earth Day just around the corner, we wanted to report on investments in the future, which is the theme of Earth Day this year. It reminds us that governments, companies and citizens absolutely must act together to stop and reverse the loss of species and climate change. Together, we can protect our boreal forest, our great lakes and prairies and all the many iconic animals that inhabit these spaces.

Today, at Nature Canada, we celebrate our partner Scotiabank and its investment in the future. They encourage their customers to switch from paper invoicing to electronic invoicing, while providing funds to Nature Canada to defend nature. Every small step can have a big impact. Together, we demand:

  • protection of 30% of our land and water by 2030;
  • including the protection of intact forests and native conservation and conservation areas;
  • new urban parks focused on ensuring access to nature for racialized communities; and
  • communities must adapt practices that are more respectful of birds and wildlife.

We have had a lot of success in recent months, such as the announcement of the new marine reserve called Tang.WWAN-ḥačxʷiqak-Tsigis, which will protect the deep sea off the coast of British Columbia and many marine creatures (read about our whirlwind year here), but we cannot rest on it, there is still a lot to do to protect our planet.

Nature Canada is making an impact thanks to our many donor, supporter and nature partners who respond to our call to action and volunteer through petitions, awareness raising and conservation work on the ground in cities across Canada.

In particular, we would also like to thank the Scotiabank staff who volunteered for our bird teams and in our mentoring program for young conservationists! (Today’s young people inherit this call to action to follow in our footsteps and make significant changes.)

There is a lot to celebrate on this Earth Day and to look forward to as we see people engage in the defense and restoration of nature. Nature Canada does not work alone and is grateful to everyone for their support.


  • Like Scotiabank customers, consider switching to electronic statements
  • Sign an online petition against deforestation
  • Organize a community or beach clean-up
  • Switch to reusable bags
  • Planting a pollinator garden
  • Volunteering with us or with one of our natural partners
  • Buy bird-friendly coffee or chocolate
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle

  • Do not use pesticides; grow organically
  • Set up a birdhouse or a hotel for bees
  • Donation to an environmental organization
  • Contact your elected officials to stop and reverse the loss of nature and climate change

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